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State Events & Programs

Masonic Home Day!!

     September 11th is Masonic Home day in Franklin, IN. and we are planning on doing the cross that day. Joining us will be Rainbow and DeMolay. Please plan on attending that day so we can have a beautiful cross, and a day of fun! We will also be participating in the parade! More details to come!

1st task of the

Tri-Wizard Tournament!!

     October 7-9th is the 1st task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament at Job-a-rama in Highland Lakes Camp in Martinsville, IN. Please plan on attending with your Bethel!  More details to come!  Look for info on Facebook!

Bethel Events

Bethel #8 -
help with initiation at their OV this Saturday Aug 20th!! Reach out to Lori Roe!
Bethel #24 - Needs help with initiation on Sept 12th, reach out to
Amanda Rehkamp!


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